College Sand Volleyball Recruiting Tips

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When should I start the recruiting process?

Players often wait too long to start the recruiting process.   Ideally, athletes should start thinking about, and planning for recruitment in their Freshman Year.  There is a study that shows that 65% of college coaches like to start targeting athletes in their sophmore year!  Finding the schools that you are interested in, contacting coaches, building your resume, attending camps, and cultivating relationships with coaches is a process that happens over a few years.   The odds are that only 1 in 50 high school athletes will get scholarships to play in college (this can vary between sports).  But often great athletes are overlooked because of lack of visibility.   It's important that you start this process early and that you are proactive in getting on the coaches radar.  

When am I allowed to contact college coaches?

The rules state that you can contact college coaches at any time.  Howver they are not allowed to contact you at certain times.  Do not expect to get any recruiting related communication from a coach in Division I or II, until the summer before your Junior year.   Even after your junior year there are certain times of the year when they are not allowed to comunicate with you.  Here is an awesome resource that shows the recruiting calendar for college volleyball:

How important are academic test scores and grades?

Grades are extremely important.  Student athletes must meet the academic requirments of the NCAA as well as any specific requirments that school has.    We've seen talented athletes lose out on scholarships becasue their GPA did not meet the schools requirement.   Be sure to research and now the requirments for the schools that you are interested in, and don't think that talent alone will get you on a college team.

What is an unofficial visit?

An unoffical vist is a trip to the school that the athlete can take at anytime and at their own expense.

What is an official visit?

Official visits can only be taken in the athletes senior year.  Accourding to the NCAA, Official visits are any visit to the college by you and your parents that are paid for by the college. Official visits can last up to 48hrs.  Click here for more details

What is the NCAA Clearinghouse?

The Clearinghouse is a organization that determines if you are academically eligable to play college sports.   Only athletes planning on playing Division 1, 1A or 2, need to register with the clearning house.  click here to regsiter

How early can I give a verbal commitment?

A "verbal agreement" is letting the coach know that you intend on joining their program.  It can be given at any time.   Although this agreement is not binding, it is something the athlete should take seriously.   The agreement can be broken by the school, the coach or the athlete for vairous reasons, but it is not looked upon favorably when an athlete backs out on a verbal commitment.   This could be a red flag to other coaches who may be looking at you.

Where can I find the NCAA Recruiting Rules and Regulations?

The NCAA has a free guide for student athletes that can be downloaded here:

Additional Resources

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